Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Piece Nami Und Robin Hot Game

Purchases ... Lush!

I was from Lush .. and I took advantage of the promotion: for 30 € of purchases had to choose one of the bags ready inside with another 30 € product is completely free! =) I could not of course say no, and these are my purchases:
I have taken:

- Massage Oil Spiezio you in two, € 8.25
- Peace Love Massage Oil, € 8.25
- Ballistics Thank God it's Friday
, € 4.65
- Ballistics molecular Frizzi Pazzi, 4,
€ 95 - € 5.75 Sparkling Tinkerbell
- scratch card magic crystals, € 4.35

In the envelope were produced tribute:
- Tonic Water Moon, € 5.95
- Dancing in Foot Cream mask € 10.95
- Bill Pimple Gel, € 8.25
- Soap Galactus (no on site I do not know the price)

What say .. a heady cloud of wonderful aromas!
start talking of massage oils, the product that I liked =)

you Spiez two:


It 's a solid massage oil, which in contact with body heat melts. It smells wonderful, very intense. Sa cinnamon and mint, I applied this afternoon and now after 8 hours the smell is still very strong and intense.
I really like it, contains within it the beans but I think it is purely an decorative. Edit: I do not like at all! The smell is too strong = / help!

Love Peach:
peachandlove_small Although this oil smells divine! Sa citrus, lemon, orange! A difference of smell is less strong and disappears after a while. However, it is very good and I really recommend it! Buonoooo! I'm afraid that I will be a fit and eat =)

The ballistics : and 'the product that has long wanted to try. The clerk told me that some others do not fizz fizz and make foam. I took two and a sparkle that makes the foam =)

Ballistics Thank God it's Friday:

never having tried I can not tell how the effect, but this product has a very good smell. He inside avocado and olive oil, and baking soda fizz that she does it all! Just try to tell you how was the feeling =)

Ballistics Molecular Frizzi Pazzi:
We carry a description of the site:
fizzbanger-_img_back2 "They start fizz, of course, but then continued their journey waaay longer, changes in the color theme like heavenly music, pops, poc poc of sugar that are in contact with water, foam grain of sparkling wine ... Some even change the scent throughout the adventure. And last. Lungo.Roba really very space! "Mamma mia can not wait to try them! This includes a smell of apple and cinnamon, I feel the smell of lemon! Well, we'll let you know =))

Sparkling Tinkerbell:

E 'precious! covered with billions of gold glitter! It 'a sparkling wine in contact with water it forms a foam precious, full of glitter and the fragrance of orange!
And yes, just now I realized that I have read almost all products with citrus odor =)
I will tell you how it will effect in the bath, kept it for a special occasion =)

scratch card Magic Crystals:

body scrub, I'll be repetitive, but the smell is delicious =) Has mimosa and ylang ylang, coconut oil and has a delicate aroma and delicious! Inside a red heart not to know what =) will try it and tell you how to scrub, I put a lot of hope but

The rest are the products I found in the package "surprise". I must say I was lucky, because I wanted to try some of the products I found, even if I wanted the labbrasivo Labbracadabra, oh well buy it =)

Tonic Water Moon:


It 's a refreshing tonic and cleansing for oily or normal! Ideal for people like me who has oily skin. Inside grapefruit, juniper and tea =)
The effect on the skin is really refreshing, cleansing action as soon I'll get

Foot Cream Ballo in Maschera:

balloinmaschera_small A foot cream that smells of cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, lemon and vanilla! I applied after a stressful day, and I must say that leaves feet soft and relieves the suffering! =)))

Gel Pimple Bill:

I was curious to try it and luckily I was happy!
brufolobill From the site "Pimple Bill has come to town! It is very determined and will be at your side in the fight against buboes in formation, volcanoes exploding, pimples rebels, but also small abrasions or redness. The algae gel creates a protective transparent (scratch!) That allows active ingredients to mark well the enemy. The tea tree removes junk and bacteria while the lavender balances the sebum production. The aloe gel pores and calm irritation, while the seawater dries, purifies and makes everything faster. Just apply a little and continue to use it a couple times a day until all redness disappears. "
Entertainment! It 's just what I needed! In adolescence, I had something similar, with the same smell but more chemical. I have many expectations, I hope will not disappoint me! Contains thyme, rosemary and tea =)
Soap Galactus?!


This is the soap .. mah! Will Galactus? On the site I can not find anything on google images and the Galactus looks different .. anyone have it?! =) Please let me know please!

I hope you have enjoyed my purchase, let me know what you think!


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